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Testimonies of past PuppiesĀ 
Zeus Rinaldi who we purchased from you in late August. This is taken right after his first birthday. We absolutely love him and his wrinkly face. He is very sweet and I call him my cry baby because he whimpers if I read the newspaper and don't pet him! He is perfect. Bella, my golden retriever is on her chair. He does bully her to play with him! Sweetest disposition.... loves kids!! Great with kids and people!
I wanted to let you know Murphy is doing great! He weighs 100 pounds now and the vet said he is expected to be a minimum of 140+ and very muscular. He is very good looking and gets A LOT of attention! He is taller than our other bullmastiff already! We just love him! Eron
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Busta at 2 years old