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Welcome to Troyer Kennels
We have chosen to remain a small kennel to be able to give our dogs the attention and exercise they desire. Our puppies are handled at each feeding, helping them to know and trust the hands of their owner.  Therefore they are known to be very fearless and confident, yet docile for a family dog.

We are dedicated to the true Bullmastiff Breed and a sound temperament of our breed. Our puppies are raised with lots of  socializing at a very early stage in life. We also offer a 1 year health guarantee on all our Bullmastiff puppies. 

We breed our Bullmastiffs for temperament and the standard of the breed. All of our Bullmastiff dogs are AKC registered.
History of the Bullmastiff

 As its name suggests, is a combination of the Mastiff and the Bulldog. They originated from England in the mid 1800's as a guard dog for the estate owners to protect their game from poachers, therefore they were known as the gamekeepers. So, crosses were made of 60% Mastiff / 40% Bulldog was achieved. This dog was eventually called the Bullmastiff, serving the gamekeeper very well. 

However, they are also docile, easygoing, very loving and devoted to their family. Very intelligent and accepting to only strangers welcomed by their owners. A typical Bullmastiff action would be to accompany you to the door to greet your guest. If you welcome them in, the dog welcomes them. If you do not welcome them in the dog will stand between you and the guest, to do whatever is necessary to change their mind about coming in.

Bullmastiffs are large dogs, although not truly a giant breed. The AKC Standard of the breed calls for males to be between 25 and 27 inches at the withers and 110 and 130 lbs. Females to be between 24 and 26 inches at the withers and 100 to 120 lbs. Colors are fawn, red and brindle; all having a black mask which covers the muzzle and extends up over the eyes. Brindle is black striping over a base color of fawn or red. Brindle was the desired color of the original dogs used in England; it being very hard to see in a forest at night

History of the Boerboels

The Boerboel, also known as the South African Mastiff bred for the purpose of guarding the homestead. They are large muscular dogs with blocky heads. These dogs were bred as working farm dogs as well as loyal companions. They are very affectionate, playful, loyal, loving and confident with their families. However, this is a dominant breed. Boerboels have guard dog instincts and are protective of their people. Boerboels skin is normally dark, as well as the roof of their mouth, protecting them in the sun. They take very little grooming due to their short dense coat. Their color ranging from beautiful brindle, brown, cream or reddish brown.

Troyer Kennels is located in the countryside of Northern Indiana.    
Our Bullmastiff's enjoy spending time, playing with the children around the farm.
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